Wat’chu talkin’ ’bout Groupon?

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Wat’chu talkin’ ’bout Groupon?

Pulled out my soap box and have another smooth stone in my hand as we continue this battle with our modern-day Goliath.  The last few days I have been intently watching how the executives for Groupon respond in regards to the onslaught of people who have pledged to boycott their company.

Here’s a quick explanation, last week I received an email from Dawn Hawkins with Morality in Media and Porn Harms.  Telling us about the latest coupon from Groupon. And I kid you not, the coupon is for a torture porn company out of San Francisco called Kink.  This company specializes in the humiliation and abuse of women. (even claiming to use young, sexy teens)

Since Dawn’s initial email went out, over 5,000 people have pledged to boycott.  Amazingly enough, Groupon defends their commitment to this company.

From Dawn’s email:  Groupon sent another response saying, “For what it’s worth, Kink’s owner is actually a fixture in the local community and regularly donates to local youth charities. We feel that because this business is an active good community citizen…it is worth the experiment to run it.”

As Arnold on Different Strokes use to say, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout Groupon?” 

Seriously, I am shakin’ my head thinking through the above statement. Top executives at Groupon want us to believe Kink has the community’s best interest at heart? Perhaps they are trying to convince themselves. Whatever the case, I am asking your help. 

As I have written before, we need David’s…individuals who will pick up their one smooth stone and sling it at Pornography.  Here is a relatively simple task, which to me computes to throwing a stone!  Would you consider signing the boycott pledge and emailing their top executives? If so, click here.  After signing the petition, click on over to Groupon and cancel your subscription.

The rest of this post is an “open post” to those executives.

Mr. Keller, Sofranko, Cloffi and others;
In regards to the coupon your company is offering from the Kink company, I ask that you consider pulling it immediately and from this day forward no longer do business with them.
My understanding is in that in your point of view, Kink has the community’s best interest at heart. I clearly disagree, if they thought of your community first, they would not be in the business they are in.  They would not on a daily basis torture and humiliate woman.  And they certainly would NOT use nor advertise the use of “sexy, young teens.”
We need men, women and companies with integrity to stand up and speak against the continue onslaught of degrading women and children.  Can I ask? Are you married, do you have daughters?  If not, what about your Mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and friends? Would you want those you loved depicted in such a way? Would you want them to come in contact with those who have used Kink services?
Kink’s actions have such a far, rippling effect.  Not only on the women and teens they exploit, but the people who buy their services and then every single person that individual comes in contact with. 
I have cancelled my subscriptions to your company and am asking my readers to do the same.   I will not support Groupon as long as you defend a torture porn company as an “active, good community citizen” and continue to sell their services. When you publicly agree to stop selling coupons to watch women humiliated and objectified, you can count me as a customer again.
Bridgit G. Smith

Here is more of a description of the type of pornography produced by the company Groupon is advertising for and enticing people to buy so they can watch. WARNING: There are graphic descriptions in this account.

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    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Bridgit April 24, 2012 at 11:56 am - Reply

      At times, I think nothing can surprise me…and then something like this comes up! Guess that is why I stay in the fight and keep throwing my one smooth stone! `b

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