Unfinished Business………………Unforgiveness

//Unfinished Business………………Unforgiveness

Unfinished Business………………Unforgiveness


Unfinished Business in 2014….has to start with unforgiveness, at least for me.

I know the scriptures and understand God’s stance on not forgiving those who have hurt or offended me and/or my family.  In fact, Matthew 6:14 tells me that:

“For if you forgive people their trespasses [their [a]reckless and willful sins, [b]leaving them, letting them go, and [c]giving up resentment], your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” (Amplified).

Do I want my heavenly Father to forgive me? Do you even need to ask?  Darn tootin’ I want forgiveness, not only from Him, but from the long list of individuals I have hurt and/or offended!

But. Can. I. Be. Real. Here!

Just because scripture tells me to forgive and because I want to be forgiven, doesn’t mean it is always easy to forgive.  Not only is it difficult but sometime it seems I have to forgive over and over and over and …..(you get the picture).  

Forgiveness is NOT always a “piece of cake, a walk in the park or easy as ABC!” Forgiveness can be hard and sometimes just down right…UGLY!

Once again I find myself with some ugliness in my heart masked in the form of unforgiveness and I have to say..

 I.Can’t. Do. It. On. My. Own.

Some things have happened that my heart does NOT want to forgive.  (Did she really just write she doesn’t want to forgive?)  I can try to will it away.  Ignore it.  Or worse yet, I could live in unforgiveness.  But then I would be choosing to live with unfinished business.

And 2014 is about finishing our unfinished business! Right?

My Jesus was beat so bad, he was unrecognizable.  His hands and feet were nailed to the cross and he hung there to die!  After all of that…all the unbearable pain, He whispered three words!  Three words…

It is Finished!

Translated to Greek, “It is Finished” is tetelestai, an accounting term that means “paid in full.”  Did that sentence just give you goose bumps?  It should! Because what Jesus meant was that He had paid the debt owed to God.  It was gone, wiped away, erased from the ledger!  The debt was paid in full.  Paid by His grueling and cruel death on the cross. Paid! But…not His (Jesus) debt was paid, but mine, yours and those who I need to forgive!

When I remember the facts of Jesus death, in light of the truth of my life, how can I not forgive?  If Jesus suffered such a cruel harmful death to pay my debt in full, why can’t I mentally release those who have hurt me?

I. Can’t. Do. It. On. My. Own.

The next few days, my Jesus and I will be working through my unforgiveness.  With Jesus beside me, I know this unfinished business is about to be FINISHED.  Whoot. Whoot!!

What about you? Is part of your unfinished business…. unforgiveness? If so, why don’t you join me in praying this prayer? If you initially don’t feel any release after praying the prayer, keep praying it! It might take a few days or weeks, but at some point I promise, you will feel the freedom that forgiveness brings!!  And your unfinished business will be FINISHED!

Jesus, thank you! Thank you for paying my debt, for suffering through the public humiliation, anguishing pain and unfathomable suffering for me.  I don’t deserve it, yet you willingly did it.  So, can you help me? Please help me. In my eyes, ______________ doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.  You know what ________ has done. You also know that right now I don’t want to forgive, but I need to for me, for You and for ________________.

I can’t do this on my own!  But I know with you, I can be more than a conquer.  I can be a woman who is walking in freedom and finished business.  Freedom from unforgiveness!  So, please help me release ___________________ from the pain and consequences __________ caused in my life.  With You and through you Jesus, I choose to forgive.


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