Through the lens of Grace……

//Through the lens of Grace……

Through the lens of Grace……


I wish I could go back, but I can’t.
It’s not the way God made us.

If I could go back, I would relish the days……

The dirty finger prints on the walls, book bags and shoes  thrown by the door and shouts of siblings fighting over the shouts of this Mom telling them to be nice.

I would look at my life a whole lot different.
I would look at it the way God intended me to.

I’d look through the lens of Grace.  I’d know I am not perfect, nor was I designed to be.  I would consciously try to not pass the expectation of perfection on to my children.

I’d recognize these days are numbered.
I would spend more time being in the moment and much less time figuring out what tomorrow might bring.

I would let each child be exactly who God designed them to be, instead of trying to fit them into a box titled;  normal,  perfect or who the community expects you to be.”

I would worry less about what the school/community felt my child should do or be.  And contemplate much more on the personality and gifts God designed into their being.

I would be much louder about what is truly important in life, both in my community and while teaching my children.  Love, is what matters.  Accepting God’s love and grace. Period!  My children would understand this at an early age. They would recognize God doesn’t expect perfection nor do I.

If only in raising our children, we were allowed “do overs!” 

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