This is An Emergency

//This is An Emergency

This is An Emergency

The last few weeks, I have felt a sense of urgency in the battle against what I term as this generation’s Goliath, commonly known as pornography. Today, I received an email confirming the seriousness.

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director with Morality in Media emailed a newsletter titled, “Pornography and America’s Faithful.” In it, she states that “Pornography is wreaking havoc in the lives of many and this devastation knows no boundaries. Last week, we hosted a booth at a Christian pastors conference in DC in order to raise awareness about our efforts. As we spoke with the pastors and asked them about this issue, every single one of them said that pornography is a BIG PROBLEM and that many in their congregations, and even in their church leadership, are struggling with it. When we asked them if they address this topic in their sermons and classes, a majority of them said no. NO!” 

No!?! The majority of churches are NOT addressing this issue. What? Churches as a whole are not addressing one, if not the biggest moral failure of our generation.  We, in the church have to question this. Why? Why are we not confronting this?  Precious followers of Christ, we should be flooding the altars.  We should be standing in the gap for those who are imprisoned by this obsession.

If you follow this blog at all, you know I am not even hinting at condemnation. I am talking about speaking the truth in love.  Bringing out into light that which thrives in the dark. Pornography and sexual addictions progress in darkness. It is time the church brings this enslavement to light. In fact, we need to shout it from the roof tops and if nothing else, address it directly from the pulpit!

I commend the ministries which openly and honestly address this issue. They are already helping men, women and families be set free. Why aren’t our churches in general? Churches and Senior Pastors, it is time to step it up!! 
This. Is. An. Emergency.

Statistics reveal:

  • As many as 1 out of every 4 online searches are for porn
  • The average age of first exposure is 11 years old
  • Every second 30,000 people are viewing pornography online
  • In 56% of divorce cases, one party had an obsessive interest in porn sites

*Statistics taken from Just1ClickAway Ministry

In the brochure, “The Pornography Pandemic” by Patrick A. Trueman, he states that “Pornography is now more popular that baseball.  In fact, it has become America’s new favorite pastime, and we are awash in it…..Hard core pornography on the  Internet offers an ocean of perversion.  It take the mind where it should never go, loosening its moral moorings and leaving it adrift in a treacherous sea of sin. That is the fate of those who give themselves over to pornography.” (Click here to read the entire brochure.)

The above statement reminds me of a comment by Kay Arthur, “Sin takes us further than we ever intended to go and costs us more than we ever intended to pay.” Just ask those caught up in this addiction. Everything becomes secondary to their desire for just a “quick” view.

As I sat down to write this post, Tears of the Saints by Leeland came to mind….”There are homes broken down
People’s hopes have fallen to the ground
From failures…… This is an emergency!”


I reinterate church.. This. Is. An. Emergency! We need to be crying out to God.  As Leeland sang, “There are tears from the saints. For the lost and unsaved…We’re crying for them come back home.”

It is time to speak up and out against this monstrosity. We need churches, Pastors, lay people, people like you and me who are willing to pick up one smooth stone and sling it at this generations Goliath, known as Pornography!

What about you? Do. You. Have. Your. Slingshot. Out?

*****For more information about ministries who are already committed to the fight and most importantly, committed to helping individuals be set free. Click into their websites below.

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  1. grandiddyma May 30, 2012 at 10:25 am - Reply

    Totally true and so true about churches not addressing it. I look at the world today, we don’t address anything! The tv shows at 7:00 p.m. are having filthy language and sexual scenes. Some tv now is porn, I suppose soft porn but porn. I am always saying, what is wrong, we just accept it. Just think, what will they have to do for the next big thing? For our entertainment? When I hear things that are going on and the way things are I can’t help but think of the Sodom and Gomorrah story. Very well written Bridget.

  2. letsalljustbefreaks June 3, 2012 at 12:05 pm - Reply

    I just want to say, I really admire the love and compassion you have for individuals struggling with this issue/addiction. Thanks for sharing and for speaking out.

    • Bridgit June 3, 2012 at 12:19 pm - Reply

      Thanks for hearing my heart. My love and compassion is born out of walking through it and see the restoration and healing that only comes from our God. God is a God of Hope, Healing and Restoration. So many need to hear and understand these truths.
      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.
      God bless you, dear one.

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