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Somebody’s Daughter

I am going to interrupt my scheduled post about developing a proper heart attitude. Something more important has come up. Below is an open letter which explains what we need your help with.

Hello Dear Ones,
This will come as no surprise to you, I am picking up another smooth stone and flinging it at this generations Goliath…Pornography.
Through social media and by phone I have had the opportunity to visit with Tammy Stauffer who is involved in a project that is becoming near and dear to my heart. Somebody’s Daughter.  This initially started out as one of Steve Siler’s songs from Music for the Soul.  Steve, Tammy and I share “like” hearts and minds.  We want to see restoration in the men, women, children and families which are being destroyed by pornography. 
This initiative in my opinion is done in the likeness as Christ. First and foremost, it is not offensive in anyway. They are not condemning or judging those caught in the strangulation hold of this addiction.  It uses positive, loving measures to open the hearts of those enthralled by it. 
Today,Tammy is trying to increase the positive likes on their video, from negative being the higher one to positive taking the lead.  Right now more individuals have disliked than liked the video.

Can I be honest here? In the quest to educate and inform against pornography and sex trafficing, I have realized some eye opening things:

  1. This is a battle which we may not win, so every small step can help…even if it helps just one person and/or family!
  2. Those in the sex industry are powerful and have tenacles of control that only God is going to be able to overthrow.
  3. Deception is rampant in our country and “churches” in regards to this issue. Wonderful, Godly men and women have their heads stuck in the sand.  Education and awareness needs to increase in every home and church across our land!

Would you mind helping?  This powerful video is only four minutes long…but it is a power packed one! Even though I have watched it many times, my soul is effected and tears fall freely every time. Not only does it remind us that those caught in the “sex” industry are “somebody’s daughter,” but it demonstrates to me the anquish and struggle for those indivduals lured into it. 

Watch and see if you don’t agree with me and then “like” the video.  Tammy and the Somebody’s Daughter initiative needs our help. 

Somebody’s Daughter Video on Youtube

Finally and utmost, we need devoted pray warriors in fervernt prayer for those involved in the fight against this industry. I believe God will continue to use this initiative to restore men and redeem the value of women and children in our culture. Our society may never find complete freedom from pornography, yet men, women and homes have and can continue to break free!

One more final step, would you mind sharing this with at least one or two of your friends?
Thanks for your help.
God bless you and those you love!!


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