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Sitting on the Runway

The day finally arrived! Today begins the trip of a lifetime. You have dreamed about it, saved for it and mapped out, down to the last minute your itinerary.  All has been done to assure a fabulous vacation.  Arriving at the airport has allowed you enough time to check in, go through needed security and board the plane when your flight is announced.  However, instead of departing on time the plane sits on the runway. Full of anticipation and excitement you are anxious for the plane to get in the air. Instead of leaving on time, you and the other passengers wait.  Looking at your clock or visiting with the person in the seat adjacent, doesn’t help.  Time seems to be crawling and now you are impatient.  “Why haven’t we taken off?”  “What is the problem?” No matter what questions run through your mind and even if you get an explanation, the answer doesn’t change the fact that you are sitting on the runway.

Do you feel like the same thing has happened to your dream or destiny?  Did God place a thought or idea in your heart which you still are waiting to “take flight?”  Are there unfulfilled dreams in your life, making you question not only yourself but our God! Stand firm, dear one!

“If God would so meticulously create you at your birth, you can understand then that the birth of your destiny is equally important to Him. He is interested in its fulfillment down to the last detail.  He forms us and refines us and then produces the fulfillment of the promise He has made to us.” ¹

So, why hasn’t your dream been fulfilled?  God promised you!  You know, that you know, that you know…it was His voice, your destiny.  You left the place of comfort, stepped out into the unknown.  Here you are waiting for the “pilot” to announce take off.

Let’s take a quick look at Daniel. In Daniel 10:3, Daniel mourned and fasted for three weeks.  Then in Daniel 10:13, the man in Daniel’s vision makes reference to being held up for 21 days.  Bible commentaries explain it as “a heavenly messenger being hindered by demonic influences.”  Think about it! The same amount of time that Daniel fasted and prayed was the same amount of time this messenger was detained by demonic forces.  Now, let’s mull over that in response to the question as to why you are sitting on the runway.

Conceivably in your mind, now is the time God has prepared for you and you are ready to fulfill your destiny.  But is it the right time in the Heavenlies?  What evil forces are wrestling with good, against the fulfillment of your dream?  Perhaps those forces already know the hearts and lives your dream will aid and they aren’t going to put up without a fight! Maybe the enemy is ready to destroy your dream before it even takes shape and God is getting things in order to display His power.

Dear reader, when “God gives us a promise of something in our future, we should never get the idea that He expects us to execute it.  ….we need to let God show us His power as we relinquish control of the fulfillment of our destiny to Him.”² 

Your take off is coming.  God is asking you to be patient and as I have said before, hang on………you are in for the ride of your life!!

1 and 2 are quotes taken from “The Birth of Your Destiny,” by Victoria Boyson
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  1. Sally Ferguson February 18, 2012 at 8:44 am - Reply

    Beautiful reminder of the power of prayer and the everlasting promise of God’s faithfulness!

  2. Bridgit February 18, 2012 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Thanks for stopping by Sally. I think of you often and remember our visit in the Ghost Ranch bathhouse like it was yesterday. Praying for your family and ministry when you enter my thoughts!! God’s blessing, my friend!

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