Silent Victims

//Silent Victims

Silent Victims

It was 1982, I was in my first semester at a small Lutheran College in Kansas and the particular assignment was a persuasive speech.  I had done my research, prepared the photos and was quite proud of myself as I delivered the speech on Abortion.  In fact, I thought I had “nailed it.”  No one would go away from this class without realizing life begins at conception and Abortion was murder.

As the class emptied, my eyes caught sight of the girl.  She had positioned herself on the top row of the lecture hall.  As fellow students made their way out the door, she remained at the top of the hall with shoulders shaking.  The shaking came from the sobs which escaped her mouth.  There were no words needed.  I realized she had made a choice at some point which she now regretted.  I packed up my things and left the classroom.  I didn’t go to her, but I wish I would have.  She needed grace and love.  Not the “preaching” and condemnation she received from my speech.

To me this young woman represents thousands who are the silent victims from the passing of the Roe vs. Wade bill in 1973.  I know many women make the conscious choice to terminate their pregnancy.  I also believe in this world we have an adversary, the devil.  He has deceived thousands, if not millions into believing this act is ok.  A single act without any consequences……  The silent cries of women all over our land, tell us otherwise.

This past Sunday was set aside as Sanctity of Life Sunday.  And by total coincidence (or was it destiny?), I toured a pregnancy care center on Saturday.

Walking through the door, into the empty rooms and down the hallway; I sensed we were walking on hallow ground. The tour of this center has become imprinted in my mind. There were the difference size models of the fetus, the ultra sound machine and the library of pregnancy books. These were the outward signs of what takes place in this space.  But what my human eyes couldn’t see, yet my heart sensed, was the spiritual aspect.  The real work done in this office is what is done in the heart and souls of the women who visit.  It is the hope given and healing started for those who come into the place scared, wounded and discouraged.

Had it been appropriate, I would have burst out in song!

“We are standing on holy ground
for I know that there are angels all around
Let us praise Jesus now
for we are standing in His presence on holy ground.”

There are thousands of Pregnancy Care centers across the U.S., a safe place where woman can go in order to receive services for their pregnancy, words of truth spoken against the words of the world and counseling from the scars of their abortion.  If you sense the desire to help, please contact your local center. Offer your time, money or resources in order for the Center to continue to provide these much needed services.

Today, as a Nation we hit the mile marker of 40 years since the passing of this abortion bill.  When I read the staggering statistics I am heart sick.  So many lives and so many women! I wonder when and if, we as a Nation are going to right this wrong?

I want to leave you with this you tube video from Norma McCorvey, “Jane Roe.”

For those women who might be reading this and dealing with the scars, I pray this for you.  (written Kay Arthur. Slightly adapted to fit today)
Father, today is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and it’s a very hard day for many. Please hold those who are your daughters close and whisper in their ear that they have been forgiven and to embrace the truth so they may be set free from the slavery they are in. Those who are not your daughters speak to their hearts that they can be forgiven and loved. Heal all their hearts Lord. AMEN
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