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My Dangerous Loverboy

I recently watched the short film and music video called “My Dangerous Loverboy,” produced by the My Dangerous Loverboy’s campaign: a campaign that raises the awareness of internal sex trafficking of girls into the sex trade. In the first several scenes of the music video, and film, I was immediately confused. I asked myself, “Is this supposed to appeal to MTV viewers? Why is this video glamorizing the party lifestyle? There must be some sort of turning point in the video…” And sure enough, both the video and film took a quick turn for the worse. The film does a remarkable job of capturing how naïve, or neglected teenagers can get sucked into the world of trafficking. And, by the time they realize they’re not safe, it’s generally too late to get out. I highly encourage you to watch the 20-minute film, as well as the music video, and share with anyone else you know. We really do have to educate and protect our children and teenagers from the dangers and very real possibility of getting caught in the dangers of sex trafficking. According to Our Voice Matter’s website,” Every year, more than 300,000 children become victims of sexual exploitation within the U.S.” Sex trafficking is not something that only happens in foreign countries or to minorities; trafficking has no limit to what gender, age, race, economic class, or ethnicity it can, and will, effect. This is a dangerous issue that’s affecting those in our own, as well as surrounding communities. Use your voice and spread the word!

You can watch the music video on My Dangerous Loverboy’s website at, or watch the 20-minute film at

***This post was written by Alex, an intern for She's Somebody's Daughter. The vision for the ministry of She's Somebody's Daughter is to raise awareness…about the human dignity of women and children…to shed light on the truth about pornography and its connection to sexual abuse and sex trafficking…to empower others to end the silence using three powerful words:  “She’s Somebody’s Daughter”
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