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Just Come

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a girl named Sally Sue.  Sally lived during a time when the gap between Kingdom people and bondservants was rapidly expanding.  Even though she dwelled on the Kingdom side, she loved her friends that were detained on the other side.  Once she had been called to live in the sovereign region, she didn’t scorn the laborers. She longed for them to join her on the other side. Sally Sue thought everyone who lived in the region held the same consideration towards the fugitives as she did.  Until the day…

On a particular evening, Sally Sue grabbed her sword of the spirit, ran to the castle excited to learn more about the King! Anticipation filled her heart because on that particular evening the study was to be on another Kingdom seeker. One who long ago spoke from inside his own dungeon to the bondservants of his day.  Sally Sue marveled as his story came to life on the sizable canvas.  She listened to the story about the watchman who had found the keys to the Kingdom through this pathfinder’s misfortunate and imprisonment .

At the end of the presentation a discussion began over the infidel of the current day.  Sally Sue was troubled when she heard Elder Ed proclaim that the castle was no place for misguided thinking. His booming voice stated the fugitives needed to remain in their dungeons.  It was by their actions and choices they were living in a deep black hole. For a brief moment she wondered if she had heard right. Another Kingdom dweller thinking the bondservants didn’t deserve time spent with the King. What? Not share our King with those who have deviate from the truth? If they aren’t invited to the castle and accepted once inside, how will the freethinkers ever know the King.  Will they ever be free from strive?

Sally Sue knew the Kingdom Leader was All-Knowing, All-powerful, and the Creator of heaven and earth. He  loved with an overwhelming passion. A tenderness which was not only for the Kingdom people but the bondservants as well. His affection went (and still does) go far beyond the misguided beliefs and doubts of the fugitives.  He did not want the laborers banned from the castle, He longed for them to just come! Just Come!

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