Friday Droll – Maple Syrup Attitude

//Friday Droll – Maple Syrup Attitude

Friday Droll – Maple Syrup Attitude

Slimy, sticky syrup was smudged all over the cell phone.  In hurrying to answer the call, I overlooked those sticky fingers.  Now I had transferred gummy syrup from my fingers to the cell phone, my ear and some strands of hair.  When I realized the mess, all I could think of was putting down the phone.  The call was cut short and the clean up began. 

 You know what syrup is like!  It doesn’t just come off in one swipe, especially when it is between two number pads on the phone, or on strands of hair.  With a bit of soap and water, and more of my time; eventually the sticky washed away.

Isn’t life sometimes like this?  In the hurriedness, we simply overlook those attitudes, and habits which are about to get a bit sticky. Before we know it, the crummy mind-set has affected many areas of our life.  For those of us with children, don’t we sometimes see it transfer from us to them? 

Years ago, I heard a saying “if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  At the time I heard this it was more in relationship to a husband making a wife happy.  While I got a chuckle out of it, and probably even jabbed my husband in the side, I began to realize this statement was true to form in my home.  

 Even Proverbs 31:26 tell us, “She opens her mouth in wisdom,and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

 My attitudes and feelings permeate our home.  I set the tone for what kind of an evening my husband and children will have.  Unfortunately, I can’t say we always have a calm, happy evening. We still have some evenings with gooey, yucky attitudes.  And those attitudes require more of my time and attention.  Sometimes perhaps even a bit of soap! 

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