I’ve read numerous posts and tweets and participated in a number of different discussions in regards to the passage of the Reproduction Care Act of NY and the celebration that took place in the Senate chambers which followed this vote.  As mentioned in an earlier post my heart grieves over this decision.  As I have prayed through this, God brought the following verse to mind. It’s a verse that breathes Hope into what is happening in New York and across our Nation.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present outcome, that many people would be kept alive.” Genesis 50:20

Hear me out here! I realize the outcome of this verse is opposite to what this law will allow.  However, God showed me two different things in this passage that were “Aha moments”:

1. The Hebrew meaning for the word “meant” is to “weave,” or “plot.” 

This passage is taken from the story of Joseph and his brothers.  These brothers were so jealous of Joseph that they sold him when he was 17 years old.  Imagine their surprise when 20+ years later they realized he was a Supreme Ruler over them.  It is at this point in their story that he said to them, “you “wove” evil against me, but God “wove” it for good.”

How can we not have hope after understanding the true meaning of this passage?  Even when things look bleak and evil, God is working behind the scenes weaving things together for the good!

In my humble opinion, the abortion industry has woven evil in our Nation for over 40+ years.  Babies lives ended, women and men have been held captive by their abortion decision; our Government has funded abortions not only in our country but across the world…….. But the story isn’t over, friends!

2. But God! ….But God! I am a “But God” type of gal. In my own life, in the lives of family members and friends, and in the lives of women (and men) I love that have experienced abortion, God has done amazing things! More than I could ever ask for or imagine! And He is not done!  He is going to weave “good” out of what our enemy intended for evil….He already has!

One positive that I have witnessed this past week is that people are “waking up” to the atrocity of abortion, both in regards to the baby and to the after -effects on the mother, father, grandparents, siblings, and friends.   As we wait with anticipation on God’s perfect plan for all of this, can I suggest that if you already aren’t involved, get involved?

Let the events of this past week motivate you to get involved.  My suggestions are this:

Get educated on abortion laws and what the truth is in regards to how this law truly affects women’s health.  New York is one of 8 states (Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Vermont, and Washington D.C.) which previously passed legislation that permits abortion until birth for any reason.  As this NY law has shown us, we need warriors on the political side. Those people who are willing to stand up and boldly declare, “Not on my watch!”   If nothing more, talk to your State Senator so they realize where their constituents stand on the abortion issue.  This is vitally important because once Roe v Wade gets overturned all control over (or lack thereof) abortions will be going back to each individual state.

Recognize that women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are in a crisis. Like other crises: substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, emergency response, etc.  (And often times the pregnancy crisis goes hand in hand with one of the other crises listed above) These women need love and support, not condemnation.  They need people to walk alongside them providing hope, encouragement, and empowerment.   Be the One!

David C. Reardon in his book, Aborted Women, Silent No More, stated that “Fully 64 percent of the aborted women surveyed described themselves as “forced” into abortion because of their particular circumstances at the time.  Most of these women also indicated that during the time between discovering they were pregnant and having the abortion there was such a high level of emotional trauma that they were unable to thoughtfully and cautiously consider their alternatives.  Abortion was simply the most obvious and fastest way to escape from their dilemmas.  Over 84 percent state that they would have kept their babies under better circumstances.”

I’m a little biased here, but support your local pregnancy resource center or pregnancy help organization.  Your support can be given through financial support, material donations, and/or volunteering.   Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, you simply can’t disagree with the work these centers are doing.

Yes, we are unapologetically pro-abundant life.  Equally important though, we are woman-centered.  We realize a woman in a pregnancy crisis needs love, support, and education.  That’s what our centers provide:  A safe, non-judgmental place for a woman to make a pregnancy decision and to provide support services after her decision has been made.

Pray! Pray and pray more.  While this may look like a political battle it truly is a spiritual one.  We are fighting “against principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) This battle can and will be won through the power of prayer.

***If you or someone you love experienced a pregnancy – crisis and are living with emotional distress from an abortion decision, please, please don’t go another day without contacting someone to help you work through those emotions.  For immediate help contact the 24 hour, national helpline for abortion recovery, toll-free, at 1-866-482-5433. For more information or to find a healing group close to you, check out https://healingafter.com/

***I believe that every single one of us has in some way been affected by an abortion decision, whether we even realize it or not.  With that being said, please don’t leave a negative comment in regards to those who have made an abortion decision.  If you do, I’ll delete your comment. Thank you!


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