Book Review: Ramblings from the Shower, by Faye Bryant

///Book Review: Ramblings from the Shower, by Faye Bryant

Book Review: Ramblings from the Shower, by Faye Bryant

As I scanned down through the product list on the CWA Review Crew page “Ramblings from the Shower,” by Faye Bryant caught my eye. Although I admit my shower time isn’t full of deep thinking, many days it seems my best ideas come to mind during this personal hygiene experience. So, I immediately realized this book was for me to review.

In the first few paragraphs of the book, I realized Faye had not only a wonderful sense of humor, but keen insight. Both proved to be true the more I read. Whether discussing grief, infidelity or disobedience, Faye is honest and real in her experience and her faith. Instead of filling the pages full of intellectual theological discussion, this author chose to pen like she and I were dear friends having a heart to heart talk. Obviously, this is exactly what her daily ramblings in the shower are like.

When reading many of the pages, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile as she expressed her thoughts through hilarious words. Like God-goggles! Although, this is not actually a term coined by Faye it is one she chose to use and was perfect in reference to what she was talking about. Then there is the chapter titled, “God Loves a Smart – Alec” where Faye admits, “God’s working on me to know when to put it out there and when to just “shutteth up.” (Boy, can I relate)

Whether you are a new believer or well into your journey of faith, you will appreciate Faye’s real, open and honest look at some tough questions and heart breaking life experiences.  On the first page of the book, Faye expresses that “Simply my heart longs for those who read these words to benefit from them.” I have benefited and no doubt, you will also.

Faye Bryant

Faye Bryant is an outspoken advocate for authentic Christianity, having lived as a mask-wearer for years. She has spoken before several groups on living real and loving raw. She has served on a church staff for over ten years. She is also a hobbyist photographer, a history buff and a menace at trivia games. She has been a wife… then an ex-wife… and is a wife again. Mom… then step-mom. Then step-grandmom. She has been rejected… then accepted. Abused… then loved. And she has learned how to love in return. She was whole… then cancer. She has battled with fear… then was brought to a place of peace. Now she is facing the future with hope and confidence in God. Meeting life right where it happens, through a variety of experiences, Faye has learned that life can hurt, but God’s love is real, and God never expects us to go it alone, or be something other than what He has called us to be. Through her warm and witty sense of humor, Faye now shares her faith and love for God alongside her husband Jack, through their church in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Faye blogs at and tweets at @rfbryant

Faye Bryant | Ramblings from the Shower
ISBN-10: 1439240329 |ISBN-13: 978-1439240328 | Format: Soft Cover | Pages: 210

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