3rd Day of Christmas Gift Giving..

//3rd Day of Christmas Gift Giving..

3rd Day of Christmas Gift Giving..

Charlie Brown has always been full of questions as well as insecurities. I thought he was the perfect character to highlight in order to introduce our third gift.  Before we unveil the gift…Let’s enjoy a classic clip from one of his cartoons where he asks, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

3rd Day of Christmas Gift Giving:

In 2005, I read the book “Live Your Calling,” by the Brennfleck’s. During this time, I was first introduced to Myers-Briggs Personality Types. I took the MBTI assessment and found out my personality type is an ENFP (extraversion, intuition, feeling, perception). Since learning what my personality type is, I better understand my strengths and weaknesses.  And am getting really comfortable in my own skin!

I am now a qualified practitioner, who can administer and interpret the MBTI personality assessment. Today, my gift to one of you will be a link to where you will be given the full Myer Briggs Personality test and then a session where you and I together will interpret your results.The test is given online and we can discuss your results over the phone. So, you don’t have to live near me in order to win.

Here is how you can get your name into the drawing.

For each of the following you will get one chance:
•Enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of the website to receive updates for my website (Can only do this once)
•Share todays post and drawing information on Facebook
•Tweet todays blog post and drawing information and tag me @BridgitSmith
•Leave a comment below

For two chances, at once:
•Introduce a friend, have her sign up to receive updates. Then in the comment section tell me which friend signed up because of you.

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