The Timeliest Book You Will Read This Year

Mary Demuth’s book We Too: How the Church can Redemptively Respond to the Sexual Abuse Crisis is a “voice in the wilderness” surrounding the sexual abuse crisis and resulting cover-up in churches.  Mary writes, “We must weep. We must grieve. We must speak up.”  While reading this book, you will weep, grieve and be called to action! This [...]


I’ve read numerous posts and tweets and participated in a number of different discussions in regards to the passage of the Reproduction Care Act of NY and the celebration that took place in the Senate chambers which followed this vote.  As mentioned in an earlier post my heart grieves over this decision.  As I have prayed through this, [...]


..........When  "We the People" watch a live cam of April the Giraffe and anxiously await the birth of her baby, but stay silent about the 100's of human babies aborted daily....Do "We the People" have our priorities all messed up? ........When the current day Women libbers encourage women to #Shoutoutyourabortion, but ignore the millions of women who are silently [...]