The Lord’s Servant

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.”  Luke 1:38

An angel had just appeared to a virgin teenager and announced she was going to give birth to the son of God. One can only imagine what was going through Mary’s mind.  Yet, instead of give excuses, be overrun by fear or simply say “No.”  Mary willingly accepted God’s plan for her life. Her obedience set in motion the plan God had for His son, a plan which included you and me.

What about you?  Has the Holy Spirit spoke a design for your life which isn’t what you had thought it would be?  Does it look impossible?  Is this not the direction you had envisioned?  Or is it so scary that rather than run to God, you are running away? Yet, if you answer God’s request, who’s life will be changed because of your actions?

Why not let go of the control? Step into the mission God has for you.


Abba Father, even though this plan seems crazy to me and I want to run from it.  Today, I chose to relinquish the control, trust in you and have the faith to walk in the direction you have laid out for my life.   I am your servant Lord and pray, that your Word to me will be fulfilled.  Amen.

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